The Whiteboard That Was Too Small
I'm one of those people that needs to be visually stimulated during meetings. I need to be able to map out thought visually with brainstorms, mindmaps, doodles, and more.

And all of this time, I thought I had it made with my "huge" 6"x6" whiteboard that I lugged around from room to room depending on where I was meeting or doing my thinking.

All of that changed in a big way. I look at the concept of whiteboard with a whole new perspective now.

I found out that you can now paint an entire wall or an entire room even of your house or office and turn it into a whiteboard. In fact you don't even have to stop with the walls! You can do the furniture, the desk, the table, the refrigerator... it's crazy! Everything and anything can now be a whiteboard, simply by applying a DIY kit from Remarkable Coating. Its truly magical, inspiring, and opens up whole new brain thought patterns for me. Talk about getting into the creative zone.

So, when you're ready to truly expand your visions, thoughts, brainstorms and visual thoughts, throw out that old whiteboard and just start painting!

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